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RCS - A place where your child can grow... mind, body, and spirit!

Regional Christian School, established in 1999, utilizes the Bible as the foundation of learning. Building upon the Chief Cornerstone, Christ, we then incorporate the finest curriculum available to provide a strong academic program. RCS offers a premium education to students K4-Grade 12, and offers other growth opportunities in such areas as the arts, athletics, and civic involvement. We believe that to teach a child, you first reach him or her on a spiritual level. When children know they are unique, special, and born with purpose, it builds a greater incentive to learn, to aim for a meaningful future, and to become all they were meant to be!

As a parent, you only have a few precious hours each day with your child. You compete with television, peer pressure, and an uncertain world to try to instill right values and a sense of hope into that child. We understand. We strive to make a positive impact on young, developing minds in the few hours we have each day with them, too. We seek to bring out the best in our students by equipping them with both academic knowledge and a Bible-based foundation of wisdom... tools that will shape their destiny and help them grow up to be better parents, employees, citizens, leaders, and stewards of the planet on which we live. We invite you to contact us for an appointment to discuss how RCS could be an investment in your child’s future.